SPEED HEALTH METHOD - How to motivate yourself for exercise at home

A Online Course with certified Online Instructor Hartmut Knorr

In this course you’ll get…

  • Small and easy to learn exercise sessions with only 5 minutes duration.
  • Explanatory videos to understand the problem exactly.
  • You don’t need any special equipment
  • Awareness of the positive effectiveness of the training through before and after comparison on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Handouts for determining the exact training goals, for learning the meaning of life and your personal sense of training (Speed Health Method)
  • The positive effect of the exercises can be felt immediately. This will lead you to better mental health and to feel much more comfortable and
  • You’ll get support by an certified Online Instructor so that you learn to motivate yourself and achieve your personal training goals immediately

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Information for use

The online course Speed Health Method – How to motivate yourself for exercise at home is an online intensive training, which consists of 8 lessons = 8 modules.

Already 5 minutes daily are enough to achieve noticeable success.

The aim of the training is to increase the (self)motivation to exercise, to increase quality of life, to prevent or reduce occupational illness, to increase the enjoyment of life and to improve the performance.

These goals are to be achieved by consciously experiencing success through lifestyle changes.

The training is taught via video courses online.

It is very flexible to the situation and personal performance adaptable and takes into account the individual situation of the participant.

The course is independent of course locations (the „course location“ is your home or your office) and course times.

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